Chuck Thurau is a working bassist / vocalist, songwriter and producer living in Brooklyn, NY.

He currently splits his time between bass gigs and creating Instrumental Music.

After mainly focusing on his bass playing (2006 -2013), Chuck has turned his focus to his first love, creative composing, combining an old school background with modern technology. Much like a sculptor who chips away at the marble slab, Chuck creates his music by recording multiple ideas and stripping away from there. His songs usually start with a bass line or bass chord progression over a beat.

His current goal is to create music for movie trailers and soundtracks.

Chuck has written, recorded and produced multiple albums including “Embracing Chaos” and “Brain Lube” as a solo artist. He produced the album “Bone Dog” for the band Spider Nick and the Mad Dogs, also co-writing four of its songs. Lastly, he recorded the bass lines for Ron Mesa’s 5 song EP (2012) and for The Rockdove’s album “Be a Song” (2013).

As a bassist and vocalist Chuck has worked with many different bands across a variety of genres including: Spider Nick & The Maddogs: Ska / Reggae (1998-2005); All the King’s Men: Elvis Tribute Band (2005-2007); The Brooklyn Keys: 50’s / Oldies Band (2008-2009); The Rockdoves: Children’s Music (2012-2014); Goldilocks: Top 40 / Classic Rock / Disco Cover Band (since 2009); Ron Mesa Trio / Quartet: Jazz Standards and Originals (since 2011); and Gold Coast Orchestra: Corporate Event / Wedding Ensemble (since 2015).